Lille Healthcare

The full range of Lille incontinence products is available on Incontinence supermarket. All orders are sent in secure and discreet packaging, directly to you.
Lille Healthcare

Lille Healthcare has been making healthcare products for over 40 years. The Lille incontinence range was introduced by the company in 1983, and they are fast gaining a reputation as one of the major brands producing incontinence products.

Incontinence is still a taboo subject in the UK, even though 4-8% of the UK population will experience issues with incontinence over their lifetime. Lille has embraced the stigma of incontinence issues and is seeking to change the common perceptions that incontinence is something to be embarrassed about by educating and informing customers through their products.

They set out to design and make incontinence products by listening to the customer’s needs. By hearing what you, the customer, needed, they produced new incontinence products through innovative technologies. Their years of experience in the field have produced a range of products that are leaders in the market.

Lille incontinence products will help you manage your level of incontinence and your particular incontinence condition. The product range covers all levels of incontinence from light to severe and both bladder and bowel incontinence. Lille products feature 100% breathable fabrics, odour control and are latex free.

Whatever level or condition of incontinence you have, Lille will have a product to suit you. Take a look at our range of Lille incontinence products below.

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