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iD Expert Slip Fitting Guide

iD Expert Slip are All-in-One briefs which offer an effective solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence. With a high level of absorption, the All-in-Ones provide the user with anti-leakage security and optimal comfort. They are particularly recommended for people with limited mobility or who are confined to bed.

iD Expert Slip Plus 

  Step One
Start by folding the iD Expert Slip in half lengthways and gently channel it by running your fingers underneath the back sheet. This activates the anti-leak cuffs.

Step Two
If the client is immobile, gently roll the patient onto their side with one leg slightly raised to prevent them from falling. With safety in mind, position the pad at the patient’s coccyx and ensure that the end with the fixation tapes is placed at the back.

If the patient is mobile, pass the iD Expert Slip between the legs from front to back and fan out the ends, ensuring the top rear end is positioned at the coccyx. Make sure that the end with the fixation tape is placed at the back.

Ensure the pad is centred correctly using the wetness indicators as a guide.

Step Three
If the patient is immobile, roll them onto their back and gently pull the product up through the legs, ensuring the antileak cuffs remain activated and then fan out the product. If necessary, roll the patient over onto their side again to ensure the back of the product and the fixation tabs are easily accessible and in the correct position.

Step Four
Fix the bottom tapes in an upward position assuring a secure fit about the legs and groin. Fix the resealable top tapes in a downward or horizontal position to ensure a secure fit about the waist. Finally, check for comfort and fit.