Bariatric Incontinence Products

Bariatric incontinence products will give you the protection and comfort you require. XXX-Large sizes are available with secure and discreet packaging.
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  1. Tena Slip Bariatric 3XL | Pack of 8
    TENA Slip Bariatric Super | Pack of 8
    As Low As £10.00
  2. Prevail Bariatric B Diapers XX Large | 2238mls | Pack of 10
    Prevail Bariatric Brief B 100 waist | Pack of 10"
    As Low As £12.25
  3. Static Bariatric Commode
    Static Bariatric Commode
  4. Mobile Bariatric Commode
    Mobile Bariatric Commode
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Our range of bariatric incontinence products offers those who need them greater protection and support compared to regular incontinence products. The bariatric range includes both incontinence pads and pants designed for both men and women, with any level of incontinence.

Level of Incontinence

The range will provide the protection and comfort for those who need larger incontinence products, whatever your level of incontinence. The bariatric range will protect you from both bladder and bowel incontinence with a range of pads and pants that will be comfortable when you are moving.

ISO Absorption Level

The ISO absorption levels available range from 200mls to over 4000mls of absorption. The bariatric products are larger, and specially designed to give you more protection where you need it most.


Whether you choose incontinence pads or pants, you want to be safe in the knowledge that they will provide you with comfort and protection. The bariatric range of products does just this. Available in sizes up to XXX-Large we will have a size to fit you. Whether this is incontinence pants, pads or net and Lycra pants our range will provide you with comfort and protection.

Your incontinence needs are important to us. We are available to answer any questions or queries you may have. Just get in contact with us via phone or email and an advisor will be on hand to answer your questions.

As with all our products the bariatric range of incontinence products come in, secure and unbranded packaging.

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