Moderate & Overflow Incontinence

Moderate incontinence is caused by the bladder not emptying, and this produces an overflow of urine. A full range of incontinence pads and pants are available.
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  1. TENA Comfort Super Proskin | Pack of 36
    TENA Comfort Super Proskin | Pack of 36
    As Low As £10.97
  2. Attends Soft 1 Mini
    Attends Soft 1 Mini | Pack of 20
    As Low As £1.36
  3. Attends Soft 3 Extra
    Attends Soft 3 Extra | Pack of 10
    As Low As £1.14
  4. Attends Soft 5
    Attends Soft 5 | Pack of 38
    As Low As £6.05
  5. Attends Pull Ons 5 Small
    Attends Pull Ons 5 Small | Pack of 18
    As Low As £9.10
  6. Attends Pull Ons 5 X Large
    Attends Pull Ons 5 Extra Large | Pack of 16
    As Low As £13.75
  7. ID Expert Slip PE Medium Plus
    iD Expert Slip PE Plus | Medium | Pack of 28
    As Low As £8.33
  8. ID Expert Form Super 3
    iD Form 3 Super | Pack of 21
    As Low As £6.32
  9. ID Pants Medium Normal
    iD Pants Normal | Medium | Pack of 14
    As Low As £7.04
  10. iD Pants Plus | Large | 1590mls | Pack of 14
    iD Pants Plus | Large | Pack of 14
    As Low As £8.33
  11. Lille Suprem Form Regular Plus
    Lille SupremForm Regular Plus | Pack of 25
    As Low As £5.45
  12. Lille Suprem Form Super Plus
    Lille SupremForm Super Plus | Pack of 20
    As Low As £6.46
  13. Abena Abri-Form All-in-Ones Plus Medium
    Abena Abri-Form Comfort - M1 | Pack of 26
    As Low As £11.49
  14. Abena Abri-San Pads Premium Super Maxi 8
    Abena Abri-San - 8 - Premium | Pack of 21
    As Low As £7.27
  15. Tena Slip Active Fit Plus | Medium | Pack of 30
    TENA Slip Active Fit Plus | Medium | Pack of 30
    As Low As £13.19
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Items 1-15 of 179

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Moderate and overflow incontinence is when the bladder does not empty completely, and a moderate dribble of urine occurs. The problem is common with men who have prostate problems, but it also affects women.

Moderate incontinence can happen when you have no urge to go to the toilet. The unexpected dribble is overflow because your bladder has not emptied, this is usually caused by a blockage of some kind. In men, the problem is linked to the prostrate, which stops all of the bladder emptying. Overflow incontinence is less prevalent in women, and if a woman does suffer from overflow incontinence, then it is usually because the muscles in the bladder are weakening, from life events such as childbirth or the menopause.

Moderate and overflow incontinence can be managed by a range of products from incontinence pads and pull up pants.

Incontinence pads are an effective way to manage your overflow and moderate incontinence. They are discreet and can be worn with your regular underwear. They are available in a range of sizes, absorbencies and some products are specifically designed to fit a man’s and women’s body shape.

Pull up incontinence pants are made to be worn in place of your normal underwear. They offer protection at the waist and legs to prevent leakages. The advancements in technology mean that pull up pants are available that are specially designed to fit either a women’s or a man’s body. Unisex pants are also available, and all pull up pants come in a range of sizes and absorbencies.

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