Depend Pants

Depend incontinence pants. NEW discreet colours with breathable cotton-like fabric, made to feel like you are wearing underwear, with added all day protection.
Depend Pants

Depend is an international brand that has years of experience in the incontinence market. The worldwide brand has been one of the leading manufacturers of incontinence pants and incontinence pads since before EastEnders started on the BBC.

The Depend range of incontinence products are new to Incontinence Supermarket. The Depend incontinence pants and underwear are changing the look and feel of incontinence products for the estimated 6 million people who suffer from incontinence in the UK. The Depend range comes in colours not seen before on the incontinence underwear market, and the thin super absorbent layer will give all day and night protection.

The need for incontinence products to not rule your life is something that Depend have integrated into the look and feel of their products. The cotton-like fabric used in Active-fit Underwear for Women and Men, and Depend Lycra Underwear Pants for Men and Women will give you maximum protection but the discreet look of everyday underwear. The pants are available in peach for women and grey for men.

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