Mens Incontinence Pads

Specifically designed incontinence pads for men are breaking the taboo of male incontinence. Find the right fit and absorbency level to manage your incontinence.
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  1. TENA Slip Pro Super | Large | Pack of 30
    TENA Slip Pro Super | Large | Pack of 30
    As Low As £14.06
  2. Abena Abri-San Pads Premium Forte 9
    Abena Abri-San - 9 - Premium | Pack of 25
    As Low As £8.82
  3. Attends Flex 8 Small
    Attends Flex 8 Small | Pack of 28
    As Low As £11.88
  4. ID Expert Fix With Legs Small
    iD Expert Fix With Legs Small | Pack of 5
    As Low As £1.62
  5. Attends For Men Level 2
    Attends For Men Level 2 | Pack of 16
    As Low As £4.09
  6. iD Expert Protect Super | 60x90cm | Pack of 30
    iD Expert Protect Super | 60x90cm | Pack of 30
    As Low As £6.96
  7. Sonoma Washable Bed Pad 3 75Ltr
    Sonoma Bed Pad 86x114cm
    As Low As £11.25
  8. Community Washable Bed Pad With Wings 2Ltr
    Sonoma Bed Pad | 70x85cm (With Wings) | 2000mls
    As Low As £7.19
  9. Abena Abri-San Pads Premium Plus 6
    Abena Abri-San - 6 - Premium | Pack of 34
    As Low As £9.01
  10. Attends Flex 10 Medium
    Attends Flex 10 Medium | Pack of 22
    As Low As £15.42
  11. Abena Abri-San Pads Premium Normal 4
    Abena Abri-San - 4 - Premium | Pack of 28
    As Low As £4.41
  12. Tena Bed Plus Pads 60X75CM
    TENA Bed Plus | 60x75cm | Pack of 30
    As Low As £10.47
  13. Tena Bed Plus Pads 60X60CM
    TENA Bed Plus | 60x60cm | Pack of 30
    As Low As £7.63
  14. Lille Suprem Light Super
    Lille SupremLight Super | Pack of 28
    As Low As £4.19
  15. Lille Suprem Form Maxi
    Lille SupremForm Maxi | Pack of 20
    As Low As £6.39
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Items 1-15 of 316

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Incontinence pads for men are the most commonly used incontinence products on the market. They can be worn with your normal underwear and give you the freedom to manage your incontinence, without anyone else noticing.

The pads have the ability to control leakages and any smells that may occur. Incontinence pads consist of a top sheet to keep the skin dry, and an absorbent core to soak up liquid, and some pads offer a waterproof backing to stop leakages. They have the ability to keep the skin dry and give you comfort when wet or dry for most levels of incontinence.

Pads are available for light to heavy leakages from urinal incontinence. If you suffer from bowel incontinence, then a super absorbent pad may be required or an all in one. When choosing a pad, it is important to think about how often you will need to change the pad and the level of absorbency that is required.

The choice of pads available for men has grown in the past few years with technological advances, making it easier for men to wear incontinence pads.

Shield pads are made for light incontinence and are designed to catch those little occasional leakages. They have been specially designed to fit a man’s body.

All in one pads are for moderate to heavy incontinence. They are designed to have a high level of absorption for both bladder and bowel incontinence.

Insert pads are the traditional incontinence pads which are designed to fit with your regular underwear. They are suitable for all levels of incontinence from light to heavy.

All pads are available in different sizes and absorbencies.

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